Company RĪGAS ŠPROTES is an independent public organisation in which fish processing companies of Latvia: LLC UNDA, LLC RĀNDA, LLC SABIEDRĪBA IMS, JSC BRĪVAIS VILNIS, LLC GAMMA-A, LLC LĪCIS-93, LLC KARAVELA, producing canned „Riga Sprats in Oil” have voluntarily united. Canned „Riga Sprats in Oil” is a high-quality dainties product produced from sprats of the Baltic Sea and qualitative vegetable oil by using modern technology and highly qualified labour force.

Company is established in 1996 in order to legally protect its intellectual property (patent, trade marks etc.) both in Latvia and foreign countries, to elaborate recommendations for production promotion of canned „Riga Sprats in Oil”, provision of quality and competitiveness. Company’s operation is managed by the Council.

Company takes an active part in solution of issues related to fisheries of Latvia and protection of companies’ interests.

Company RĪGAS ŠPROTES has registered several individual and corporate trademarks both in Latvia and foreign countries.

Companies which have united in the said Company and produce canned „Riga Sprats in Oil” are guided by provisions of the Standard of Latvia LVS 27:2008 „Fish Canned. Riga Sprats in Oil. Sprats in Oil.”.

Canned fish are packed in different packing, designed according to consumers’ demand, and exported to about 30 countries. Canned „Riga Sprats in Oil” are awarded at several international exhibitions.
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